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As you embark on this programme:

  • Get a glimpse behind-the-scenes of the Singapore Green Plan

  • Network with like-minded individuals within Singapore's sustainability space

  • Stand a chance to develop and share your ideas for Singapore's future


Session 1: Welcome and Context Setting

15 October 2022, Saturday 

Introduction to the Singapore Green Plan 2030

  • Discussion of current developments, achievements and challenges

  • Introduction to Futures Thinking by Studio Dojo

  • Programme brief and next steps

Session 2: Learning Journey (On-Site Visits) and Ideation Session

22 October 2022, Saturday  

  • Discovery of the workings behind the Singapore Green Plan 2030

  • Conversation with special guests 

  • Generation of ideas based on insights from conversation

Session 3: Ideas Presentation to Panel

29 October 2022, Saturday

  • Presentation of ideas to a panel comprising key thought leaders, policymakers and industry experts

  • Feedback given to projects by panel

  • Distribution of certificates and vouchers


After the conclusion of the 3 sessions:

  • Successful teams stand a chance to co-create their project with agencies!

  • Participants will receive updates and opportunities regarding other Singapore Green Plan 2030 initiatives

  • Potential internships and other co-creation opportunities may be offered to selected individuals or groups

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